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CPL provides delivery services to Hongkong by Air freight, Sea freight, and Trucking for both large and small enterprises (SMEs), individuals who want to send goods to Hongkong, and Thai people in Hongkong who want to import goods from Thailand


A team of experts always ready to assist you at all stages
Component 43 – 1

Hong Kong
Air Freight
Door to Door

  5 Kg – 1,620 Baht
10 Kg – 2,000 Baht
15 Kg – 2,830 Baht
20 Kg – 2,880 Baht
25 Kg – 3,850 Baht
30 Kg – 4,620 Baht

Shipping period 3 - 5 days

Component 41 – 1

Hong Kong
Sea Freight
Door to Port

Start Frist CBM 6,000 Baht
Next CBM 2,200 Baht
(For shipments not exceeding 500 kg/CBM)

Estimate time start 5 Days
(Does not include custom clearance time)

*The prices are subjected to change. Contact us for more information.

Hong Kong's Tariffs

Hong-Kong does not impose customs duty on entry of general goods.
For more information, you can visit

Suggestions for importers and exporters

General Cargoes such as consumer goods like processed food, dried food, or cosmetics can be sent to Hong Kong. Some food requires import permit before importing into Hong Kong. For smooth delivery and customs clearance, please study the rules and regulation via this website before importation.

"If you want to send documents, parcels, and large shipment to Hong Kong, CPL can help you."

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Make Payment
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Receive Your Cargo at Destination

Export service

We provide transportation services to foreign countries from documents, small parcels, and large products both by Air freight, Sea freight, and Trucking from Thailand to every country around the world.

Please fill out the information for the staff to contact you back.

Contact us
LINE ID : @cplinter

CPLINTER provides shipping service for documents, and small and large shipments by planes, ships, and trucks from Thailand to all around the world.

Please prepare below information for quick quotation.

1. Origin address
2. Destination address
3. Types of products to be sent
4. Size and weight of cargo
5. Products’ images