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CPLINTER provides Air Courier Service for your documents, small parcels, and large shipment worldwide via World Class Carriers like TNT, FEDEX, and Aramex with 50% cheaper price, Air Cargo Service (to Airport) via International World Class Airlines, Sea Freight Service via International World Class Shipping Lines, and Door-to-Door Trucking Service (Cross Border) to neighboring countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and China with reasonable price.

CPLINTER provides import service via Air Freight, Sea Freight, and Trucking from all over the world by international World Class Airline and shipping lines to Thailand. We partner with agents in various countries, and offer import and export customs clearance to ensure the smoothness of shipping process until your shipment is delivered at your door.

CPL provides Domestic shipping service for your documents, small parcels, and large shipment within Thailand. We collect your shipment at your door and ship to any destination address in Thailand within 1-3 days with reasonable price. You can also track your shipment’s status 24 hours online.

CPLINTER provides household relocation service for people shifting to Thailand from abroad and vice versa. We will assign a personal staff for each customer to assist you since planning until unpacking. With all kinds of transportation options available, you can trust that we will find the most suitable and affordable solution according to your needs.

CPLINTER clears customs and manages shipping documentation for both import and export shipment to ensure our customers' smooth shipping experience.

CPLINTER offers various kinds of packaging (ex. Carton, Case, Crate, Pallet, etc.) according to our customers' needs while prioritizing international safety standard for every shipment as well. We have our own warehouse for the customers who want to consolidate the goods from different suppliers and ship them together at once. For our customers, we offer free warehousing service for 1 month.

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