Import Service

Why should you import with CPLINTER?

CPLINTER provides import service via Air Freight, Sea Freight, and Trucking from all over the world by international World Class Airline and shipping lines to Thailand. We partner with agents in various countries, and offer import and export customs clearance to ensure the smoothness of shipping process until your shipment is delivered at your door.

Get Started with CPL


Fill in booking form and register with customs


Wait for cargo collection from consignor by CPL


Check Status of your Shipment


Wait for Import Duty and Tax (If any) informing by CPL


Pay shipping cost (and import duty and tax)


Receive Your Cargo at Destination

Component 43 – 1

Air Freight
Door to Door

   5 กิโล – 2,655 บาท
10 กิโล – 3,535 บาท
15 กิโล – 4,400 บาท
20 กิโล – 4,890 บาท
25 กิโล – 6,850 บาท
30 กิโล – 8,220 บาท

Shipping period 2 - 5 days

Component 42 – 1

Door to Door

    31+ kg – 125 baht/kg
    50+ kg – 90 baht/kg
    70+ kg – 85 baht/kg
 100+ kg – 75 baht/kg

Shipping period 7 - 10 days

Component 41 – 1

Sea Freight
Door to Port

เริ่มต้น คิวแรก 6,500 บาท
คิวต่อไปคิวละ 2,700 บาท
(For shipments not exceeding 500 kg/CBM)

ระยะเวลาเดินเรือ เริ่มต้น 2 วัน

Import Service

You can bring the product details that you want to import to Thailand for us to help check first. What documents are required for importing such goods into the country? and how much tax must be paid

Please fill out the information for the staff to contact you back.

Contact us
LINE ID : @cplinter

In order for your import to go smoothly, you can bring the product details that you want to import to Thailand for us to help you check first. The importation of such products into Thailand is necessary. What documents are prepared? and how much import duty tax must be paid?

Please prepare below information for quick quotation.

1. Origin address
2. Destination address
3. Product types, product list
and product value
(For tax checking)
4. Size and weight of cargo
5. Products’ images